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2. Download your roster

Here you can find information on how to save your roster in AIMS for use with Roster2Outlook.

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If there is an add-on available for your airline, you don't have to save your roster manually. For more information about add-ons see Chapter 5 : Add-ons - Automatic roster download.

To download your roster so you can read it with Roster2Outlook log in to AIMS/eCrew. On the AIMS Home page, select "Schedule Detailed format". 

 AIMS Home page

On the next window you can select the period you want to download and the time-format. I suggest saving your roster in "UTC". Roster2Outlook can convert UTC to your local time zone automatically. In this format all your roster times are in the same time-zone and are automatically adjusted for Day Light Savings. You can adjust your local time-zone to any time zone with the Time-Shift option in Roster2Outlook. Without the option "Convert UTC to local time", rosters in UTC won't adjust for Day Light saving and rosters in Local Station can have times in different timezones. This could lead to problems when exporting your roster. When you have selected the desired period and time format, click Continue.

Schedule Detailed Format

After some time your roster will appear in the next window. In the upper right corner you will see a link "To save a copy of your report locally on your PC, please right click and select "Save Target As..."".

 Save Target As

Right click on this link, select "Save Target As..." and browse to the folder where you want to save your roster. Give it a name you can remember and make sure you save as HTML file only!

Save as HTML 

Make sure you remember where you saved your roster, as you need to browse to this location when you start Roster2Outlook.

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