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4. Settings & Options

This chapter describes the different settings and options in Roster2Outlook.

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When you click on Tools -> Settings or you click on the Settings button in the toolbar, you will see the following screen. This article describes all options you can select in Settings. Behind the description of the option, you can find the default value in brackets when you use Roster2Outlook for the first time.















Use Category - When you select this option, you can choose a name for the category in Outlook that Roster2Outlook assigns to your duties. This category is also used for deleting old appointments. Only appointments with this category will be deleted. If this option in deselected, no appointments will be deleted. [Selected with category "Roster"]

Export as separate sectors - When you select this options, all sectors will be exported as different appointments in Outlook/ICS file. With this option deselected, each day will be exported as a single appointment with all sectors in the description and body of the appointment. [Deselected]

Skip all day events - This option will skip all day events when it exports to Outlook/ICS file. Days off, leave days and all other duties without start and end times won't appear in Outlook/ICS file. [Deselected]

Replace appointments without prompt -  This option only takes effect when you have selected a category in Use category. When selected and Roster2Outlook finds an existing appointment on the day you want to export another appointment, the already existing appointment will be delelted automatically and replaced by the new one. When this option in unselected (and using categories) Roster2Outlook will prompt you that it found an existing appointment and asks you what you want to do. You can then choose to keep the old appointment, replace the old appointment this time only, or replace all appointments without prompting you in the future (thus enabling this option). [Deselected]

Replace code with explanations -  When selected, this option will replace all codes in your roster with the code explanations displayed below your roster. [Selected]

Ignore airline code - Some airlines display the airline code before each flightnumber on your roster, this code then appears multiple times in the appointment description. When you select this option you can tell Roster2Outlook which code to ignore. [Deselected]

Precede All Day Events with - This option will put whatever you write in the box before any All Day Event. This could be usefull to make sure your All Day Event appears as the first appointment in Outlook. Outlook sorts appointments alfabetically, so when you put a space in the box, your duty appears first. [Deselected]


Run in debug mode - When selected Roster2Outlook will run in debug mode until you restart Roster2Outlook. Selecting this option will delete all old debug information. In debug mode Roster2Outlook will log certain tasks to make it easier to find bugs in the software. Normally you only need to select this option when you have problems with Roster2Outlook to send those logfiles to us.

Additional roster information

Include memo's - With this option selected, Roster2Outlook will include the memo's displayed below your roster in the appointments for the specific days. [Selected]

Include hotac information - Selecting this option will display the hotac information from you roster on the specific days. [Selected]

Include other crewmembers - This option will display the other crewmembers for you duties in the appointments when selected. [Selected]

Include aircraft types - This option will display aircraft types in the appointment. This only  has effect when you have aircraft types on your roster. Normally your "default" type is not displayed on your roster. The default type is the first aircraft type behind your name. If you have multiple aircraft types behind your name, any duty not on your default type will be displayed on your roster. [Selected]

Time options

Display report/off duty times - This option only has effect when your roster shows report/off duty times. When selected, the times are used for your appointments when exporting to Outlook/ICS file. When exporting to separate sectors, addtional appointments will be created for report and off duty. When exporting everything to one appointment, the report and off duty times are used for the start and end times of the appointment. When deselected, the report and off duty times from your roster will be ignored. [Selected]

Set reminder ... minutes before - Here you can select if you want a reminder for your appointments and how long before the appointment you want the reminder to be set. Roster2Outlook will ignore the default reminder set by Outlook. [Deselected]

Convert UTC to local time - Only applies to rosters in UTC. When selected, all times on your roster will be converted to local times. Roster2Outlook uses the time zone on your computer to determine you local time zone. [Selected]

Time shift - Here you can set a time shift to be applied to the times on your roster. When you have selected Convert UTC to local times this time shift will be applied after the conversion to local time. This option enables you to set your appointments in a different time zone from you computer. [none]

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