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3. Basic operation

This chapter describes the basic operation of Roster2Outlook.

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If you have an add-on installed, see also Chapter 5 : Add-ons - Automatic roster download. This chapter assumes no add-on is installed when using Roster2Outlook.

Before you start Roster2Outlook, you will need to download your roster from AIMS and save it to your computer. For help on how to do this see Chapter 2 : Download your roster.

Once you have saved your roster on your computer, start Roster2Outlook by double clicking on the file Roster2Outlook.exe in the folder where you installed Roster2Outlook (see Chapter 1 : Installation). Roster2Outlook will start and the main window opens.

Main Roster2Outlook Window

In the main window you click on the "Browse" button - or press Enter - to locate the HTML file you saved to you computer. A new window opens where you can select the file. Browse to the folder where you saved the HTML file, select it and click "Open" (this window may look different depending on your operating system).

Select HTML Roster File

The last window closes and the name of the file will be displayed in the textbox left of the Browse button in the main Roster2Outlook window. If you know the extact path to the file, you can also type the name in the textbox yourself instead of browsing to the file using the Browse button and the "Select HTML roster file" window.

Once you have selected a file or typed the filename in the textbox, you can click the "Get Roster" button (or press Enter again). Roster2Outlook will check if the file is a valid AIMS roster. If you try to open an HTML file that is not created by AIMS, you will get an error message telling you the roster file is not in a compatible format. Make sure you save your roster directly from AIMS in HTML only format (see Chapter 3 : Download your roster).

Incorrect Format

If there are no problems reading your roster, Roster2outlook will display the details of the roster and give you the option to export to an ICS file or directly to Outlook.

Roster Details

In this window you will see your name, your ID (with your base and aircraft type), the start and end dates of the roster and the date the roster was printed (or saved).

You can select the period you want to export. You can only select dates within the period of your roster and the From date has to be on or before the To date (and the To date on or after the From date).

Finally you can select to export to a seperate iCalendar (ICS) file or directly to MS Outlook. An ICS file is a standard calendar file compatible with many calendars. The ICS file created by Roster2Outlook has been tested with Outlook, Google, Thunderbird and iCal. If you select to export directly to MS Outlook, no files are created and your duties are directly written to Outlook. When you select to export to iCalendar file, a new textbox and Browse button will be shown where you can type the name of the ICS file or browse to a place on your computer to create the new ICS file. For more information on how to import the ICS file see Chapter 6 : ICS files.

When you click Export (or press Enter) Roster2Outlook will export your roster to the selected destination. When this is completed, the Cancel button will change into an Exit button. Clicking this button (or pressing Enter) will close Roster2Outlook.

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