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1. Installation

Here you can find information about how to install/update Roster2Outlook and/or one of the add-ons.

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The installation and updating of Roster2Outlook or one of the add-ons is really simple. The only thing you have to do is unzip the file you have downloaded and put the extracted file in a folder on your computer. When you download a new version, simply copy the new file over the old file (thus replacing the old version). 

Using Roster2Outlook on Windows 7
When using Roster2Outlook on Windows 7 you can experience problems when you put Roster2Outlook in the "Programs" folder. Roster2Outlook needs full access to the folder to read and write files and create folders. Windows 7 will not always give this access and you might run in to errors. Until I've found a solution for this, replace Roster2Outlook to another location on your computer, when you move it for example to the "Documents" folder you should have no problems as you have full access in this folder.

Using Roster2Outlook on an older Windows system?
All programs created with Visual Basic require the Microsoft .NET Framework. The .NET Framework is distributed with many other programs; You can check if the .NET Framework is installed by going to the Control Panel, opening Add or Remove Programs, and looking for Microsoft .NET Framework (version 2.0 or higher). The .Net Framework is included from Windows Vista and higher, so no need to download or install anything if you run Vista/Windows 7.

Version 2.0 can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Using add-ons
If you want to use an add-on, you have to extract the add-on to the same folder as Roster2Outlook.exe. When you start Roster2Outlook the program will look for the add-on in this folder only. You can only have one add-on in the Roster2Outlook folder. If you have more add-ons in the folder, you will get a message telling you that there can be only one add-on in the program folder.

Roster2Outlook will check for new versions automatically when you start the program. When an update is available, you will see a message in the bottom of the main window. If you click on this message, your default webbrowser wil take you to the webpage where you can download the latest version. To download from the website you need to be registered. You will only be notified about new updates for the main program and add-ons for your airline. Your airline is recognised by Roster2Outlook when you read your first roster.

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Removing Roster2Outlook from your computer

If you want to remove Roster2Outlook from your computer you can just delete all files and/or folders. Your settings are saved in the Windows Registry. You can remove your settings from the registry by using the "Roster2Outlook Clear Registry Tool" that you can download from the Tools section on the Downloads page.






Click on Clear All to remove all Roster2Outlook settings from the registry. You can use the Clear login details only button when you have problems with logging in and resetting the details from within Roster2Outlookis not working.

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