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Website statistics
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 28 April 2009 20:03

The website statistics for show a steady increase in traffic since the beginning of the year. In January there were on average 10 daily visits. This grew to 16 in February, 25 in March and for April the daily average is 30. Here you can see a summary of the last four months.

Summary by Month
MonthDaily AvgMonthly Totals
Apr 12389391893041522582387554822725035910

With nearly 40 new users in the last two weeks, the number of users is still growing and has gone up to over 180. Also a lot of these users visit the website regularly. The last week about 50 different users visited the website and in the last two weeks this was nearly double this amount at 89.

Of course with all those users from different airlines, a lot of different rosters will be produced by AIMS and not all features of AIMS are yet compatible with Roster2Outlook. This results in an increase in e-mails and forum posts about (little) errors. If a bug is resolved with a small change in the code, I usually try to do this as soon as possible, normally in one or two days. This results in many new (bug) releases. Many different users also mean many different wishes! And an increasing number of requests for additional features is sent to me by e-mail and via the forum. Theoretically, everything is possible, the sky is the limit! But it all takes time, and as I do all this in my spare time, it could take a long time before you hear anything back from me, or see your request being incorporated in a new version.

But please keep sending those bug reports and feature requests, as they will all improve Roster2Outlook! I just have to ask you to be patient. My priority is to make sure the versions I put online work for as many people as possible. Feature requests that I can try and test on my own laptop are easier than requests for different operating systems or different calendars. The fact that Roster2Outlook was developed for use with Windows and Outlook, doesn’t mean I won’t look at options to use it with other software. However, this would take (a lot) more time, as I have to get to know the other software first.

Don't forget to spread the word, and tell all your friends and colleagues about Roster2Outlook!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 21:00
FlyBE add-on released
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 16 March 2009 13:26

From Roster2Outlook version 2.1 it is possible to install add-ons. The first add-on was for easyJet crew and now FlyBE crew can download their roster automatically with the FlyBE add-on.

When you download the add-on, simply unzip it and put it in the same folder as Roster2Outlook. When you start the program you see a new button "Download roster from e-Crew". When you click this a download window will pop-up and Roster2Outlook will try to download your roster automatically. You will need to enter your login details. When you first click the button Roster2Outlook will ask you for them. You have to enter your username, crew ID and AIMS password. Roster2Outlook still uses te termonology from easyJet: username = username, password = your crewID, and PIN = your AIMS password. You can also enter or change the details in the options window (Tools -> Options... -> Login Details). The login details will be stored on your computer encrypted.

IMPORTANT When you have changes on your roster, those changes will be downloaded and you will be informed by Roster2Outlook and Outlook that you have changes. However, those changes are NOT acknowledged to crewing.

As this is the first release of this add-on, and I don't have a FlyBE dongle myself, ther might be situations where the add-on doens't work as expected. Please let me know any problems or suggestions you have regarding this add-on. The best way to do this is to use the forum on this website.

Last Updated on Monday, 16 March 2009 14:55
Apple version suspended
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 21:47

Some time ago I told you I was working on a version of Roster2Outlook for Apple computers. Unfortunatedly, I didn't have enough time to give this project the attention it needed. Although the initial test looked hopefull, the software created by the code is too inefficient. This would result in a big and slow program, that would still only be a very basic version of Roster2Outlook. Due to the amount of time I have to put in to this (which I don't have at the moment), and the fact that the result isn't anything like te Windows version with my current knowledge of the Apple computers, I decided to stop this project. I don't say there will never be a Mac version, if I find some time and good software to build Mac software on a windows PC (or when I decide to buy a Mac myself) I might try again. If you have any tips, you can leave them on the forum, or send me an e-mail.

So sorry to all the Mac users, but for now this is just a little bit too much for me at the moment.

At the moment I'm still working at an add-on for Flybe. Because I spent a lot of time to release version 2.2, this had been somewhat delayed. However, I'm still confident I can finish this in a relatively short period of time. The main problem is I don't have a dongle to log in and try, so I'm dependent on some help from the inside here.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 March 2009 22:08
Version 2.2 released
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 23:18

This week saw the first release of Roster2Outlook v2.2. The code of version 2.2 has changed a lot in order to make Roster2Outlook more airline independent. In previous versions of Roster2Outlook, the program was looking for the duty times at the bottom of the roster to calculate duty end times and deside if a duty continued on the next day. However, not all arlines put the durty time on the roster (anymore). This would result in an error as Roster2Outlook searches for something that isn't there. From this version Roster2Outlook no longer looks for the duty times. This should fix the problem FlyBE users had recently and enables users of other airlines such as EuroFly to use Roster2Outlook.

This version also sees the implementation of a Roster Pattern Creator. This enables users with a fixed pattern (e.g. easyJet 5-4-5-3) to project their future duties and days off. Here follows an example of how to creae your own pattern:

  • Select 'Tools' in the menu and click 'Create roster pattern'.
  • The Roster2Outlook Options window will open on the Roster Pattern Settings page.
    • Tick Create roster pattern.
    • Select 'directy to Outlook' or 'in seperate calendar file' - when you select 'directly to Outook' Roster2Outlook will create appointments directly to your main calendar in Outlook, starting from the date entered at 'First day to export pattern'. When you export your roster, the pattern days will be replaced by your duties (when using Categories). If you choose to make use of a seperate calendar file (ICS file), Roster2Outlook will create a file called RosterPattern.ics in the program folder. You can open this file as a seperate calendar (double click, or choose File -> Open -> Calendar... in Outlook). This calendar file can be displayed in Side-By-Side or Overlay mode in Outlook. Apointments will not be replaced as the pattern is located in a seperate calendar.
    • Select the first day of your pattern. In this example for the easyJet 5-4-5-3 pattern this should be the first Late Duty after your reserve period. This can be a date in the pas or the future.
    • Select the first date you want Roster2Outlook to start exporting the pattern.
  • Inthe menu to the left, click Pattern (under Settings) and the Pattern page will open.
  • The text block at the bottom should be empty. If anything is displayed, select the lines and click Remove.
  • The total pattern length is 21 weeks, 17 normal weeks and 4 weeks of reserve period. The 17 normal weeks consist of 7 blocks of the 5-4-5-3 pattern. Click in the first empty textbox (#) and type '7' (without the quotes). Select the next textbox (Description) and type a description of this block (e.g. 'Normal Weeks'). in this case the Description doesn't matter as this is a block of other duties. Click Add. You should see a line added to the bottom textblock (e.g. '7 x Normal Weeks').
  • Now we add the pattern for the first 17 weeks: Select # and type 5, for Description type a description you want Roster2Outlook to use for this duty (e.g. 'Late Duty'). Tick 'Belongs to previous block' and click Add. The second line of the bottom text block should now show this information (starting with some spaces to show it belongs to the previous block).
  • Repeat this with 4 x Day Off, 5 x Early Duty, 3 x Day Off (you can change the description off course). You'll have 5 lines in the bottom text block, the last 4 starting with spaces.
  • The reserve period is 4 weeks, of which the last 3 days are Days Off. So untick 'Belongs to previous block' and add: 25 x Reseve Period + 3 x Day Off.
  • Go back to the Roster Pattern Settings page and click 'Create Roster Pattern Now'. Your pattern will be exported to Outlook or the file RosterPattern.ics in the Roster2Outlook program folder. Your pattern will be saved for when you want to use it again.
  • If you want to export your pattern again directly to Outlook, the old pattern won't be removed. You have to do this manually in Outlook. When you export to RosterPattern.ics, the file is rewritten.

If you need help with a different pattern, please use the forum to ask for help.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 March 2009 22:09
New Website
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 15 January 2009 00:24
Welcome to the new website

Because of the generous donations of some users, we were able to move the website to our own domain:! The greatest benefit from this at the moment is that all mail problems should now be over. Our new e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . However, any mail sent to the old e-mail addresses are still being read, the main problem was with sending (activation) e-mails. The easiest way to ask a question is still to post on the online forum. This also benefits other users with similar problems. As always, I’ll try to help but cannot guarantee I can solve everything.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 January 2009 22:15
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