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Version 3.0 released
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 28 April 2010 09:58

I released version 3.0 ten days ago with a new look. And I already had to fix a little bug for people who use Roster2Outlook for the very first time.

This version has a new layout to accommodate an easy to use toolbar I also plan for the Mac version I'm working on. However, things don't go as planned with the Mac version. It ta...kes much more time than I thought. Eveytime I work on it, I run into a new problem I have to overcome. But I'll keep working on it, only in a much slower pace. So hopefully I can release something for the Mac this year...

The good thing is that when I have a working version for Mac, I should be able to use the code for an iPhone app. However, I haven't tried anything for that yet, so not promissing anything. But something for the iPhone is certainly on my mind (I've got one myself now ;-))

When you download the new version, you also need to download a new add-on if you used one before.

New features in version 3:

- New layout with easy to use toolbar
- Options/Settings combined on one page accessed from toolbar
- Rosters in UTC can be automatically converted to local time
- Start downloading automaticaly when Roster2Outlook starts
- Save rosters downloaded with add-on to specified fodler
- Export multiple rosters in one click
- And a few minor bug fixes