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Roster2Outlook on Mac with WineBottler
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 17 January 2010 12:00

Good news for Mac users! Recently, I was pointed to a program called WineBottler that enables you to run windows programs on your Mac. Of course I had to try to see if it would work with Roster2Outlook. And I was able to run Roster2Outlook on OS X. You have to install WineBottler and install MS .NET 2.0 or higher. I tried with 2.0 and this seems to work. So far I wasn't able to install MS .NET 2.0 sp2 or MS .NET 3.0.

As far as I understand, WineBottler basicaly emulates a windows environment where you are able to run windows programs. You can download WineBottler here.

So far I have been able to import a roster and export it to an ICS file that was readable in iCal. Of course, you can't use the option to export directly to Outlook and it doesn't seem to recognise the add-ons when you convert it to a MAC application. If you run it from within the Windows environment, it does recognise the add-on, but so far I've not been able to download a roster with the add-on. You can change the settings though and they do take effect (at least the few I've tried).

This doesn't mean I'll stop working on a 'real' Mac version, but at least it does take the pressure off.

I'll start a topic in the forum too about this topic where you can post your feedback about WinBottler and Roster2Outlook.