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Version 2.1 available for download
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 12 December 2008 09:26

It took a little bit longer than expected, but finally version 2.1 is available for download!

This version has some major changes over the previous version. First of all, it now uses this website to check for updates. When an update is available you will be notified by the program and directed to the website. You can then download the new version from this website. Why this change? Mainly because we could not longer use the old server space. So we had to move everything to a new server anyway. So we set up this website and will use it to make all future downloads available. We choose to make the downloads available for registered people only so we can have a better idea who is using Roster2Outlook. Don't worry, nothing will be done with your information. Registration is free and easy, but as we currently experience some problems with our e-mail can unfortunately take some time. See the article about the e-mail problems for more information.

Also in this version it is possible for easyJet crew to install an add-on that will download your roster automatically. You can find the add-on in the download section. For more info about this add-on read the article about it on the homepage.

The last visible change is the TimeShift feature. From this version you will be able to export your roster in any time zone you want. Simply select the desired time zone before you press export and all times will be changed to the selected time zone. This feature is intended for European based crew who want their roster in local time, but can be used by anyone who wants their roster in a different time zone.

This version no longer contains a help file, as the intentions are to have the help file online on this website. Hopefully this will be available early next year.

Enjoy the new version and if you have any problems or suggestions, please let us know. The best way is to use the forum on this website.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!