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New Version Coming Soon
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 09:24

To address the problems with non-English Outlook versions I'm working on a new version. The new version will use different techniques to determine if there is already an appointment on a specific day in your calendar, so you can still choose to replace the appointments when importing a new roster. However, I have not yet found a solution for the problem with the categories for the non-English Outlook versions. This seems to be a problem in Outlook itself. I'll keep looking for a solution though.

The other major change will be an add-on (initially only for easyJet crew) to import their roster into Outlook without having to download the roster first. The program will go to the website and grab the roster from the internet and import it into Outlook all with the click of one button. This feature is still under development, but the tests I'm running are looking very good. At the moment the program is already able to grab the roster from the internet. Now I have to make the user interfaces to work with this add-on. Hopefully when it all works, I'll be able to make add-ons for other airlines too. However, I'll need to have information on how the crew of those airlines access their rosters to see how I can automate this action.

There is only a small problem, at the moment my computer is broken. I'm in the process of getting a new one. So hopefully this is only a temporarily problem. When I do get my new computer, I’ll try to get working on the new version as soon as possible. So have a look on this website for more news within the next few months.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 July 2008 09:43