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Donate to support Roster2Outlook
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 19 March 2008 21:23

Roster2Outlook is and hopefully can remain Freeware! That means you can download and use the software without paying for it with full functionality. However, I do all this in my spare time and it takes a lot of time to write the code to make Roster2Outlook work, test it and make changes when bugs are discovered to improve the program. To maintain and improve this website and try to answer your questions and suggestions as good as I can also takes time.


Therefore, if you find using Roster2Outlook useful, you are invited to make a donation to support the development of the software and this website. It is up to you how much you donate. If you can only spare £1 to help keep the project going, that's great! If you donate £10, that's great too! No contribution is too small and no contribution is too big. Every one is equally welcome, and every contribution goes completely towards supporting Roster2Outlook.


I have chosen PayPal to accept donations. PayPal is one of the more reputable online payment services. It takes a tiny fee from each donation received, after you send it, but before we receive it. It charges you nothing at all. PayPal takes your donation from your credit card and puts it into the PayPal account that has been set up for this purpose. It all happens securely, online, without having to step away from your computer.


What if you can't or don't want to make a donation? No problem at all. Enjoy the software and the website anyway. I'll try to keep it free, and you will get the same support from me.


Don't forget to spread the word, and tell all your friends and colleagues about Roster2Outlook!

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 December 2009 09:44