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Windows 10?
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TOPIC: Windows 10?

Re: Windows 10? 3 years, 8 months ago #2778

Just some feedback for you. I'm easyJet crew using Windows 10 and working fine for me. I'm using v.3.4.5227 and add-on v.1.4.5227. I used the clear registry tool before installing R2O even though this is a clean install of Windows 10. I have put the program and add-in within Program Files (x86 in my case) and have created a shortcut from there. It seems to be running fine with the embedded .net of Windows 10 as I haven't downloaded any others.

Hope this might help some of you.

Thanks again Nils, I'd be lost without this program.

Re: Windows 10? 3 years, 6 months ago #2811

Hi Guys. Ive been having problems with R2O getting to 63% download of my roster and then hanging. It even drops back to 50% and keeps trying to download until it thinks it has tried enough times and then gives up. I did let the nagging pc upgrade to Win10 about a month ago, so it could be something to do with that? Ive tried reinstalling the application and the add on and I get exactly the same thing. I must admit that I didn't use the clear registry tool as I'm not exactly sure what that does and I don't want to add to my problems! I am now so used to having my roster on my phone that I'd really like to get it back to how it was. Anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks Nils for a very useful app

So I still cant get R2O to work. I then tried the clear registry tool and as I suspected it has made things even worse!
I have now deleted and reinstalled R2O and now windoews tells me it has detected a problem with R2O and it doesnt open. So frustrating!!!
Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks, Al

With some Nils magic the program is running again! My roster back on my phone!
Thank goodness & thank you Nils.
Last Edit: 3 years, 4 months ago by aliblee.

Re: Windows 10? 2 years, 11 months ago #2942

A fix for the Windows 10 issue...

I've recently upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10, with a clean install.
The latest R2O 3.4.5227 + easyJet addon 1.4.5227 used to work fine on Windows 7, but now R2O doesn't work at all.
As reported by others, as soon as it starts it fails. Creating an empty log file. I've tried "Run as administrator" and "Troubleshoot compatibility", tried to move into a different folder, tried the R2O registry cleaning tool... No change.
I did then try R2O 3.3.4112 + easyJet addon 1.4.4112 and it did start and open, but stopped downloading at 1%, reporting a problem with the BIG-IP server.
I then tried again the latest versions, 3.4.5227 + 1.4.5227 and ... it worked!!!
No idea why, but it works and I can now use R2O as before...

If you can't run the latest R2O in Windows 10, try to use (and configure) first the 3.3.4112 version and its relevant addon, and then replace it with the latest one, 3.4.5227 + relevant addon and it should work...
At least it did for me!

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