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How to get ical icloud (shared) roster work on R2O
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TOPIC: How to get ical icloud (shared) roster work on R2O

How to get ical icloud (shared) roster work on R2O 6 years, 3 months ago #1645

Hi there,

I have figured out an easy way to add your roster into an existing icloud (shared) ical calendar
I am using roster 2 Outlook on a PC with iphone5 and ipad classic (ipad1). I am pretty sure this should work just as easily with macs too.

Background: The benefits (for those that havent taken advantage of icloud calendar(s) yet) are as follows;

1) The subscribers to your icloud calendar (ical) (i.e. your friends/ spouses etc...) only have to subscribe once - no further action is required on their side of the equation. Passive updating
2) When you upload your new roster (or changes) to your icloud ical calendar, subscribers don't have to do anything - it is automatically uploaded on all their devices as well.
3) Any roster changes you upload automatically sync on all your devices and on all their subscribed devices.
4) See who's on a common day off/ on your trip/ downroute at the same time etc...
5) Display other peoples rosters on your calendar simultaneously side by side (or not) by selecting or de-selecting when you don't want the extra clutter.
6) Eliminate the "But I thought you were on a 2 trip to xxx on Friday!" comments from your friends and loved ones because they only had version 1 of your roster!
7) You share ONLY your icloud ical calendar but existing or new events stay private in your normal icloud calendar.

Here's how its done...

1) If you don't have one set up, create an icloud calendar and name it "Joe's roster". Go to click on calendar, then click on the "Cog" at the top RHS to create a new icloud calendar.
2) Run Roster2Outlook and save the file to your desktop as an ical file. (e.g. Sep2013.ics)
2) Right click to email the .ics file to your iOS device that is syncing calendars with iCloud (iphone or ipad or mac).
3) Open the email and click on the .iCS file attachment. A list of all the enclosed appointments is displayed. In the upper right-hand-corner click <Add All> and the events are added to the selected icloud calendar. (Add them to Joe's Roster)
4) If you want to share this icloud calendar with others open the calendar app on your iOS device, click on <Calendars> at the top LHS, then in the list of icloud calendars click on the <blue right arrow> on the RHS of "Joe's roster", then at the bottom click on <share link>, then mail or message it to the person you want to share your roster (icloud calendar) with.
5) IMPORTANT:- When you have shared your roster you want to make sure that your "followers" cannot cange the entries (yes those jokers!). This can be done on the iOS device itself by selecting <view only> but there seemed to be a bug when I did it (Apple - Bug? maybe its fixed by now?); whereby it kept on defaulting back to "view and edit". The only way that I could change it permanently was by going to and changing the defaults there. At the "top level" I suppose.
6) Also important:- When a calendar entry is ammended it will beep on ALL the devices where the calendar is shared by default (why?). So you don't bug the hell out of all your "followers" you should tell them that this can be turned off by:
<settings>, <Mail, Contacts, Calendar>, (at the very bottom) <Shared calendar alerts>, switch to <OFF>

Hopefully this is what you were looking to accomplish. It was ultimately what I was hoping to achieve with Roster2Outlook and now it's working perfectly. It took a bit of time and hopefully some of you out there may find it useful. The added advantages of being able to use Roster2Outlook on your icloud (shared) calendars "properly" is fantastic!

Comments welcome,


Last Edit: 6 years, 3 months ago by PeteSkinner.

Re:How to get ical icloud (shared) roster work on R2O 6 years, 2 months ago #1649

  • Nils
  • Posts: 808
Thanks Pete,

If you have a PC available with Outlook on it, it is also possible to display your iCloud calendars in Outlook and export directly to the iCloud calendar from Roster2Outlook.

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Re:How to get ical icloud (shared) roster work on R2O 6 years, 2 months ago #1652

Hi Nils,

How do you do that then? Last time I tried I could export from R2O to my outlook calendar on my PC but only that one calendar and not to an iCloud calendar, so couldn't share it over the cloud.

I guess what I am asking is how do you display and work with an iCloud calendar in the MS Outlook program?



Re:How to get ical icloud (shared) roster work on R2O 6 years, 2 months ago #1653

  • Nils
  • Posts: 808
Hi Pete,

You need the "iCloud Control Panel" ( You can then setup iCloud to sync with Outlook. A separate calendar will be created in Outlook and in the version I used (not the current version) all your calendar items will be moved to this new calendar (so they are removed from your main calendar file in Outlook). You can easily copy them back of course, but be aware, Maybe make a backup first. I think the reason behind this, is that you don't want duplicate entries (one in the cloud and one local), so they move them all to the cloud.

Once you have this installed, you have to tell Roster2Outlook to export to this calendar. Now Roster2Outlook will export to this calendar, and since this is linked to the iCloud, your duties should appear on each (iOS) device that has access to this calendar.

I did this a while ago, so some things might have changed by now...

There are other options too, you could also use a Google or calendar, as those can be shown on iOS devices, but that's a different story...

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