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Registry losing data
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TOPIC: Registry losing data

Registry losing data 7 years, 1 month ago #1547

Hi Nils,

I have been using a Win7 machine for a few years without general issue.

Occassionally on starting R2O I would be challenged for my user details but didn't give it much thought.

Recently though my registry would lose the entries for:

"User"="LAST FIRST Removed"

Any ideas?
Last Edit: 7 years, 1 month ago by Norman. Reason: Also Google details were missing..

Re:Registry losing data 7 years ago #1548

Hi all,

Had same problem. I created a workaround by exporting the working registry values to a reg file. As for me, I even use 2 users, so it would mix up and loose settings or a user almost every time. By importing the reg file silently before each time i use R2O, all my settings stay in place and it works perfectly.
I use the automated import, so I created a Batch file which imports the regkey silently ( regedit.exe /s ***.reg ) before launching R2O.

Hope this helps,



Re:Registry losing data 7 years ago #1550

  • Nils
  • Posts: 808
Hi all,

Sorry for the late reply, but I didn't have time to put on my laptop in the last few weeks because of the arrival of a new family member.

I still have no idea why those settings are lost. But I know it does happen, it happens to me sometimes too. I have looked in the code over and over again, but can't find anything that might cause it. As sometimes also my favourites and passwords for IE are lost, I suspect it is something in Windows.

The workaround from Ed is a good solution. A couple of weeks ago I made some changes to Roster2Outlook so that Roster2Outlook is able to save an INI file to the folder when you close Roster2Outlook and read this file when you start it. The INI file contains all settings too. It is a similar to Ed's solution, but will save any changes you made when using Roster2Outlook (could also be done by regedit.exe /e ... in the batch file) and mostly you don't change to many settings anyway.

If you don't use the commandline to start Roster2Outlook automatically, or don't want to use batch files, the new option in Roster2Outlook can help you. This new option will be available in the next version, but if you want to give it a try, send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to send you the latest working release.

Looking after my family has priority now, so I will have less time for Roster2Outlook, so I can't say when the next version will be online.

I'll still try to solve any problems though, it only will take a bit longer...

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Re:Registry losing data 7 years ago #1551


Im not near email right now but would love to give your new version a try.

normanblackburn @


Re:Registry losing data 7 years ago #1552

  • Nils
  • Posts: 808
Hi Norman,

I sent you the version with the INI file. Forgot to say that this will currently only work for one user. If you use Roster2Outlook for multiple users, only the current users settings will be saved and they will be reloaded when you start Roster2Outlook. But I believe that the problem with the missing data was only for the current user anyway.

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Re:Registry losing data 7 years ago #1553

Thanks Nils. Single user here so no probs.
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