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07-06-2017 08:22:06
After almost 2 years, I finally found a way to make changes to the code again! I had to go back a few versions, but at least this is a starting point. This version is only able to read the new AIMS format and export only to Outlook and ICS file. Please report any problems, as from this time I'm able again to make changes to the code to solve problems.
06-06-2017 20:27:52
Hi, I am still having problems installing R2O under windows 10. also tried with the incorporated driver support under windows 7 but nothing happens... hope you can solve this...
28-03-2016 18:53:33
..Is the program dead?
21-03-2016 13:21:55
Hi, I cant seem to instal R2O under windows 10.. any way to work around this?
17-03-2016 10:16:02
Hi Nils, 6 weeks ago I wrote on this page but did not get an answer. Taking into account you might be very busy, I would appreciate if you would find time to make a statement as regards the chances you get the #?!!"$!-airberlin-AIMS to work again with roster2outlook...
08-10-2015 15:46:40
Hi Nils, I would really appreciate if you could fix the issue with the airberlin-AIMS-format. I am starving... I am so used using the program... Best Regards, Thomas
01-09-2015 10:29:57
After all the problems with the beta trying to get Google export working again, I decided to release a basic version without Google export. This version is online now. There is also a new easyJet add-on that uses the new server. Any problems let me know.
15-08-2015 11:42:05
Hi, i seem to have a problem that every time download the roster is does it from 1st of the year.. even when i select only start of the month
19-06-2015 10:01:59
Hi, you may already know but easyjet login is no longer working for me. They have recently changed the login screen so could be linked to something underneath.
10-06-2015 12:40:17
Hi Nils, looks like your forum has been hacked. I'm having problems trying to download my roster with an error message of "FONT=RED INCORRECT USERNAME AND PASSWORD" when i know they are correct and i went onto the forum to find a solution and there are loads of new irrelevant posts on there
05-06-2015 21:19:06
New user; Looks like a great program, but I'm having trouble with downloading my Flybe Rosters. I cant see the Save as HTML when I right click on AIMS. I have down loaded the latest version of Roster2Outlook. Also I am hoping to upload my roster to google calender- is this possible now with Flybe roster? Thanks
21-01-2015 22:12:15
Just thought I would make a positive post. All is working as expected using 3.4 for EZY. Thanks Nils!
06-01-2015 09:18:11
There is a new version available that should fix both the crashing and the export to Google. Again, this will only work for easyJet rosters. I'll try to add the code for the other airlines as soon as possible. Let me know if it's working or if there are still problems or things different than before.
06-12-2014 01:28:50
Another "new" version. I've replaced the MSI with a newer one that has the code of the easyJet add-on included in the main program. This should solve the crashing problems, but not the problems with exporting to Google. At least you should be able to download your rosters again (and check for changes). This version will only work for easyJet crew. If you are working for another airline, please keep using the old version (3.3) to download you roster. I'm working on the problem with exporting to Google. Hopefully I can find a solution in the next few days. `
04-12-2014 22:24:54
There is a 'new' version online as an installer file (msi). Hopefully this will eliminate the problem that Roster2Outlook is classified as unsafe (and therefore closed). Please let me know if this solves (some of) the problems.
26-11-2014 01:07:34
On 17 November Google shut down support for the calendar API Roster2Outlook uses to connect to Google Calendar. If you try to export to Google, you'll get a message that says "FORBIDDEN". I'm working to see if I can easily upgrade Roster2Outlook to use the new API.
20-11-2014 10:26:46
Although I haven't spend much time on Roster2Outlook lately (because I have been very busy with other things), I want you all to know that I have been told that Roster2Outlook confirmed some changes for someone. If you recently had changes can you please let me know if Roster2Outlook confirmed them for you or not? Thanks!
06-11-2014 20:56:53
Have been really busy with lots of other things, so didn't have much time to look at Roster2Outlook unfortunately. I should have some time available for Roster2Outlook now, so if you have any problems, please let me know (even if you already did). Starting to look at some problems in Google, as that seemed to be the most problematic in the time I was away. But feel free to let me know about any other problems, and I'll try to look at them.
08-08-2014 22:06:44
06-06-2014 11:41:05