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Download add-on

Download add-on version 1.3.4112 (84.36 kB)
21 April 2014

This version of the download add-on is an attempt to fix a bug where the download of the roster hangs.

This version is for airlines that uses the new AIMS interface only!

Download add-on version 1.3.3280 (84.21 kB)
6 October 2013

A new version of the download add-on, to allow downloading of rosters with the new AIMS interface.

This add-on has been tested for the Air Berlin Group, but probably works for other airlines that have changed to the new interface too. If so, please let me know that it works for your airline, so I can update the latest version number for your airline.

As with any update, please let me know any problems with it.

Download add-on version 1.3.1591 (82.45 kB)
15 August 2012

The previous version caused problems when trying to download multiple rosters. Roster2Outlook was unable to start downloading the next roster but kept trying over and over again.

This version fixes this problem.

Download add-on version 1.3.1578 (82.44 kB)
9 August 2012
This version fixes a download problem for some WizzAir users. By accident the spelling was changed to Wizz Air and this might give problems when trying to download (getting a message that the add-on is not for your airline). This version supports both spellings.
Download add-on version 1.3.1564 (82.43 kB)
17 July 2012

This new version of the add-on fixes the download problems for Horizon Air users.

It also supports the new option in Roster2Outlook to keep previously saved rosters on your PC to keep track of changes.

Download add-on version 1.3.1537 (82.07 kB)
23 June 2012
This version of the Download add-on adds download support for Horizon Air users.
Download add-on version 1.3.1471 (81.93 kB)
15 April 2012

This version of the download add-on fixes problems for users of the AB group that get the message that the previous add-on is not for their airline.

It also adds download support for DHL Air

Download add-on version 1.3.1425 (81.88 kB)
29 February 2012
This version of the download add-on adds download support for Germania Fluggesellschaft crew.
Download add-on version 1.3.1401 (81.84 kB)
5 February 2012
Added download support for Wizz Air users.
Download add-on version 1.3.1386 (81.80 kB)
21 January 2012

This new version of the download add-on fixes a few issues.

First of all, this version is working with the new date format introduced in Roster2Outlook in build 1355.

I also fixed the Open AIMS button after downloading the roster. This button should take you to the main page of AIMS to have a look at your roster, confirm changes, read messages, etc...

This version of the add-on will also support downloads for flydubai.

Download add-on version 1.3.1318 (80.88 kB)
14 November 2011
This version of the download add-on fixes the login issue for Aer Lingus users.
Download add-on version 1.3.1288 (80.86 kB)
14 October 2011

This latest version (build 1288) resolves the System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\...\Roster2Outlook\flybe.addon' or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515) error from the previous build. Nothing in the code has changed so the functionality is the same as 1286 which is no longer available.

Version 1286 was released to work with the new version of Roster2Outlook to open AIMS after downloading the roster. It also has some improvements on how you are allerted when you have changes or messages in AIMS.

Download add-on version 1.0.0327 (81.28 kB)
22 November 2010

Small bug fix from build 326 to fix a problem when saving rosters after download.

This new version of the download add-on should fix the problems that occured with the release of the December roster. The add-on will now correctly download all three parts (remainder of November, December and only available part of January). Also when a problem occurs with one part, the add-on will now correctly try to download the same part again and not skip to the next part.

Also a new feature is added, like the red message in AIMS telling you if there are changes or the new roster has been published, the add-on will now also gives you this information after logging on to AIMS. With this new feature you don't have to wait for the complete roster when there are no changes, but can simply cancel the download.

As always, report any problems with this new version on the forum so I can have a look at it.

Download add-on version 1.0.0256 (80.92 kB)
20 September 2010

Added support for EAT/DHL users.

Download add-on version 1.0.0227 (80.86 kB)
15 August 2010

This new version of the download add-on enables BMI baby crew to download their rosters automatically. Also some small improvements are made to the code.

Download add-on version 1.0.0152 (80.67 kB)
1 June 2010

This is an update of the general download add-on to enable download of Aer Lingus rosters.

Download add-on version 1.0.0133 (80.23 kB)
13 May 2010

This add-on is a download add-on for several airlines. At the moment this add-on should work for users of the following airlines:

  • AirBerlin
  • Nikki
  • LTU
  • Belair
  • Etihad

To use this add-on you will have to have used Roster2Outlook at least once with a manual downloaded roster. When you export this roster, Roster2Outlook will remember your Airline and after this Roster2Outlook is able to connect to the correct server to download your roster with this add-on.

To use this add-on, download this file and uncompress it to the same folder where Roster2Outlook is located. Before you can download your roster you have to enter your login details. If you click download before you have done this, you will be directed to the download options.

On the download options page you have to give the following details:

Crew ID: Your crew number
Password: The password you normaly use to log in to AIMS
AIMS pin: The add-on doesn't use this, but because the older add-ons do, you have to fill something in this field. It doesn't matter what you type here, as long as the field is not empty. In the next version of Roster2Outlook this will be fixed.

If you log in to AIMS from a dedicated webaddress like, but your airline is not in the list above, send me an e-mail with the aims webaddress and I'll see if I can get this add-on to work for your airline.

If you have any problems with this add-on, send me an e-mail and I'll try to sort them out.

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