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FlyBE add-on

FlyBE add-on version 1.3.3162 (93.35 kB)
11 July 2013

This is an update of the previous version I released today

An update of the add-on for the new interface that hopefully solves some of the problems and will display the messages shown by AIMS in Roster2Outlook.

The messages are copied directly from AIMS and might be too long to display properly in Roster2Outlook as I don't know how the messages will appear in the new interface.

If you see messages in AIMS, or if you know there are messages, please run Roster2Outlook in Debug mode and send me the files, and/or take a screenshot of the messages.

FlyBE add-on version 1.3.3157 (93.06 kB)
7 July 2013

This version of the FlyBE add-on will be able to download your rosters again with the new AIMS interface.

This version will NOT show you if you have any changes or that your next roster is published like the previous version did, as I don't know yet how and where this will be displayed on the new interface. I think I have seen some references, so I'll be looking if it's worth putting this functionality back in. If I do it will probably slow down the download a little bit, as it needs to navigate to a different page first.

If you still experience problems, please let me know.

FlyBE add-on version 1.3.1591 (92.15 kB)
13 August 2012
This version fixes the download problem the previous release had.
FlyBE add-on version 1.3.1564 (92.13 kB)
17 July 2012
This new version of the add-on supports the new option in Roster2Outlook to keep previously saved rosters on your PC to keep track of changes.
FlyBE add-on version 1.3.1515 (91.96 kB)
28 May 2012

This version of the FlyBE add-on changes the way Roster2Outlook logs in, and I've changed the way the login details are named in Roster2Outlook to make it clearer what to put where.

From this version the default login type will be the Matrix Card. Vasco is for now still supported and you can switch between the two method in the download options tab in Roster2Outlook.

When you enter your login details, the fields are named the same as when you login online:

  • Staff No.
  • Password
  • Matrix A-1

    You only need to enter the first code of the card (A-1).

When you switch to Vasco by ticking the box, the fields you need to enter change to:

  • Username
  • Staff No.
  • Password
FlyBE add-on version 1.3.1471 (92.52 kB)
15 April 2012

This new version of the FlyBE add-on is mainly released to keep the add-on in line with the other add-ons.

The only small change is that when downloading from a custom date, the roster is always downloaded from this date. Before it was possible that Roster2Outlook downloaded an older roster to make sure you had the latest version of all roster locally saved on your PC.

FlyBE add-on version 1.3.1401 (92.51 kB)
5 February 2012
This version of the FlyBE add-on brings this add-on in line with the other add-ons for using the correct date format.
FlyBE add-on version 1.3.1292 (91.51 kB)
19 October 2011
This version fixes the "To AIMS" button. This button shows after downloading your roster and clicking on it will take you directly to the AIMS home page (the previous version was linked to a wrong page).
FlyBE add-on version 1.3.1288 (91.49 kB)
14 October 2011

This latest version (build 1288) resolves the System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\...\Roster2Outlook\flybe.addon' or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515) error from the previous build. Nothing in the code has changed so the functionality is the same as 1287 which is no longer available.

Build 1287 was released to fix an error caused by some code left in the software that caused the add-on to stop downloading. I've removed this bit of code and the add-on is able to access AIMS again.

Version 1286 was released to work with the new version of Roster2Outlook to open AIMS after downloading the roster. It also has some improvements on how you are allerted when you have changes or messages in AIMS. Build 1286 is no longer available.

FlyBE add-on version 1.2.0327 (92.70 kB)
22 November 2010

Small bug fix from build 326 to fix a problem when saving rosters after download.

This new version of the FlyBE add-on should fix the problems that occured with the release of the December roster. The add-on will now correctly download all three parts (remainder of November, December and only available part of January). Also when a problem occurs with one part, the add-on will now correctly try to download the same part again and not skip to the next part.

Also a new feature is added, like the red message in AIMS telling you if there are changes or the new roster has been published, the add-on will now also gives you this information after logging on to AIMS. With this new feature you don't have to wait for the complete roster when there are no changes, but can simply cancel the download.

As always, report any problems with this new version on the forum so I can have a look at it.

FlyBE add-on version 1.2.0082 (92.34 kB)
18 April 2010

New add-on to work with version 3.0.

FlyBE add-on version 1.1.9405 (91.19 kB)
9 February 2010

This version solves a performance issue because Roster2Outlook was trying to download the roster but didn't succeed even with larger server time outs. Thanks to some usefull feedback, I found out the add-on keeps trying to reload the roster page, like pressing "refresh" continuously. Therefore, the roster was not loaded properly before Roster2Outlook started loading the page again and eventually gave up.

This version solves this problem, and only sends the request for the roster page once. It waits until the page is loaded or untill the server time out has been reached.

FlyBE add-on version 1.1.9378 (91.55 kB)
13 January 2010

This version of the FlyBE add-on enables you to login with a Vasco token or an Access Card. If you still have an Vasco token you don't have to download this add-on, but if you do there are no changes for you to use the add-on.

If you have an Access Card you need to download this add-on to be able to download your roster with Roster2Outlook. After you have copied the add-on to the program folder, start Roster2Outlook. In the Download Settings (Tools -> Options...) you have to set your login details. You can leave Username empty, but you need to give your Crew ID and your AIMS extranet password. Now you can click the Download button and you will see a check box "Use Access Card". When you select this check box a new window will pop up where you have to fill in the codes from your card. You only have to do this ones. After you have filled in the form, close it and the program will start to try to download your roster. The card codes are stored on you computer. At the moment, this is still un-encrypted. I tried to encrypt the codes, but ran into some problems. I'll look into this further. Next time you start Roster2Outlook, you can just click the download button and Roster2Outlook will use the correct code from your card. If you want to change the codes, click the checkbox twice and the Access Card window will pop-up with your codes. You can change the codes and when you finished with this, close the window for Roster2Outlook to save the new codes.

This is still a beta. It is the first version for the Access card and I am not sure it will work for everybody. I have tested it and it works here. Please give feedback!

The progressbar is not completely synchronised with the new download process. For now the bar will stop at 99% for some time while the program is still downloading some parts of the roster. Be patient and give it some time.

FlyBE add-on version 1.1.9303 (80.05 kB)
30 October 2009

This version of the FlyBE add-on should work again with the changes FlyBE made to the intranet.

Please give me as much feedback as possible if you still have problems.

FlyBE add-on version 1.1.9231 (80.00 kB)
19 August 2009

This version of the FlyBE add-on works with the server timeouts set in the options window of the latest Roster2Outlook version.

FlyBE add-on version 1.1.9135 (79.93 kB)
15 May 2009
This version fixes the issue of the connection error you get with the previous version when trying to start the download.
FlyBE add-on version 1.1.9128 (79.88 kB)
8 May 2009

This version of the add-on works with the new date format. Furthermore, some bugs have been fixed and the time out function has been improved.

FlyBE add-on version 1.0.9091 (79.20 kB)
1 April 2009

Some users reported problems with the FlyBE add-on. The previous FlyBE add-ons were based on an older easyJet add-on and since then the location of the personal rosters on the AIMS server have changed. When the original FlyBE add-on was tested, all rosters were stored in the first location, so no errors occured. However, after inverstigating it appears that the roster can now be stored in both locations.

This versions solves this problem by checking both loations and selecting the correct one.

FlyBE add-on version 1.0.9077 (78.71 kB)
18 March 2009

You can download the latest FlyBE add-on as a compressed file.

This version downloads your roster a little bit quicker.

FlyBE add-on version 1.0.9076 (78.74 kB)
16 March 2009

This is the first release of the FlyBE add-on. FlyBE employees can use this add-on to download and import their rosters automatically. You can download the add-on as a compressed file.

Unzip the file and place it in the same folder as Roster2Outlook. Roster2Outlook will recognise the add-on and shows the download button. When you click the download button Roster2Outlook will try to access AIMS and download your roster. The first time you will need to enter your login details (username, password (use your crew ID) and AIMS pin). This data is stored on your computer encrypted for following downloads.

IMPORTANT When you have changes on your roster, those changes will be downloaded and you will be informed by Roster2Outlook and Outlook that you have changes. However, those changes are NOT acknowledged to crewing.

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