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easyJet add-on

easyJet add-on version 1.4.5227 (99.11 kB)
15 August 2015

This version of the easyJet add-on should work with release 5227 of Roster2Outook. This add-on uses the new server.

Please report any problems to

easyJet add-on version 1.4.4112 (98.40 kB)
21 April 2014

This version of the easyJet add-on uses the new crew server.

It will also notify you if there are any trade messages, and when Roster2Outlook asks you for a new password the password gets actually saved to the settings in Roster2Outlook too.

If you log in on the europe domain (with user name instead of crew number) please don't download this version. This version will not work with the europe domain. I'll do my best to make it work for you as soon as possible

easyJet add-on version 1.4.3357 (98.56 kB)
23 December 2013

Some people had their changes automatically acknowledged when downloading a roster with Roster2Outlook since the AIMS upgrade. Although this problem is still relatively rare, I've made some changes to the add-on to address it.

This version is being tested by only a few people. The automatic acknowledgements have not been happening with this version, but even with the older version it only occurred occasionally. So if you use this version and still have your changes acknowledged, please let me know as soon as possible. I'm already working on another - more complex - approach just in case...

easyjet add-on version 1.3.3236 (98.27 kB)
24 September 2013

A new version of the download add-on for easyJet.

This version goes back to the "old fashioned" way of notifying you about changes and new rosters.

The reason I did this was that the last login date was not updated for many people (mine always displays a last login date in March), and the new features possible with the AIMS update are not used by easyJet (as far as I now know). By going back to the old way, the garble that is sometimes displayed will also disappear.

So back to the RED text to notify you about changes!

easyJet add-on version 1.3.3161 (90.16 kB)
11 July 2013

Update of the easyJet download add-on that is able to download rosters from the new AIMS interface.

The add-on will display messages from aims (changes, new messages, new roster, etc.), but as I don't know exactly the words used by AIMS, the text may be too long to be displayed in Roster2Outlook. If you know you have changes, or a new roster, or any other messages that are displayed in the new interface, please run in debug mode and send me the files, so I can have a look at the messages and how to display them in Roster2Outlook.

All messages are displayed in Roster2Outlook in the same way (yellow text on the blue background), the yellow text on red background is not working for the moment.

easyJet add-on version 1.3.1665 (89.04 kB)
26 October 2012
Due to a problem with the security certificate of the easyJet login website, Roster2Outlook was not able to download the roster anymnore. This version is using the second server, and fixes this problem.
easyJet add-on version 1.3.1578 (88.87 kB)
9 August 2012

This version should fix the recent download problems for europe\username users.

easyJet add-on version 1.3.1575 (88.85 kB)
28 July 2012

After an update to the Crew Portal Roster2Outlook wan't able to download rosters any more. This is confirmed for users logging in with only a staff number or europe\staff number.

This version fixes the problem for those users, BUT it is not yet confirmed that this version will work for users still on a secure account, or users logging in with a username on the europa account.

If you used to log in with just your staff number and this version doesn't work for you, try to log in with europe\staff number in Roster2Outlook.

If you are a user on a secure account, or log in with a username on the europe domain, please take some time to give me feedback. Was the old version still working? Does this version work? Please send me an e-mail if you have this information.

easyJet add-on version 1.3.1564 (88.78 kB)
17 July 2012
This new version of the add-on supports the new option in Roster2Outlook to keep previously saved rosters on your PC to keep track of changes.
easyJet add-on version 1.3.1471 (88.58 kB)
15 April 2012
This version of the easyJet add-on is a further improvement for europe\username accounts.
easyJet add-on version 1.3.1434 (88.56 kB)
9 March 2012

Where the previous version of the easyJet add-on fixed the download problems for the new europe\crewnumber accounts, it broke down the download option for the europe\username accounts.

This version fixes this last problem and the add-on should now work again for all europe and secure accounts.

easyJet add-on version 1.3.1425 (88.54 kB)
29 February 2012
This version of the easyJet download add-on adds support to the new europe accounts.
easyJet add-on version 1.3.1386 (88.65 kB)
21 January 2012

Small bug fix for the easyJet add-on.

When only one roster is downloaded the previous version save the roster as "Roster 0-00.htm". This version fixes this, so the roster is saved in the correct format again.

easyJet add-on version 1.3.1355 (88.66 kB)
21 December 2011

A new version of the easyJet donwload add-on.

This version has some small improvements and bug fixes. It also improves the international compatibility for supported date formats (see details on the latest version of Roster2Outlook build 1355).

easyJet add-on version 1.3.1288 (88.07 kB)
14 October 2011

This latest version (build 1288) resolves the System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\...\Roster2Outlook\flybe.addon' or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515) error from the previous build. Nothing in the code has changed so the functionality is the same as 1287 which is no longer available.

Build 1287 fixed the problem that you would always get a new message notification on download even if there are no messages waiting. This has been resolved and the message notification will not show anymore. However, I was unable to test if it does show when you do have messages from crewing...

Version 1286 was released to work with the new version of Roster2Outlook to open AIMS after downloading the roster. It also has some improvements on how you are allerted when you have changes or messages in AIMS. Build 1286 is no longer available.

easyJet add-on version 1.2.0355 (88.10 kB)
22 December 2010
This version of the easyJet add-on fixes a problem for europe-account holders with AIMS pins that are not 4 digits long. easyJet changed some of the names of their intranet pages and this caused Roster2Outlook to try an alternative way of logging in to AIMS. Unfortunately, the alternative way was not using the PIN stored in Roster2Outlook but read the PIN from the webpage, but only using the first four digits. If your pin was other than four digits long, this resulted in a log in error because Roster2Outlook tried to log in with the wrong PIN. This version fixes both issues: the page names are updated to the new names used by easyJet and the alternative way of logging in uses the PIN stored in Roster2Outlook, so any PIN length will work.
easyJet add-on version 1.2.0327 (88.14 kB)
22 November 2010

Small bug fix from build 326 to fix a problem when saving rosters after download.

This new version of the easyJet add-on should fix the problems that occured with the release of the December roster. The add-on will now correctly download all three parts (remainder of November, December and only available part of January). Also when a problem occurs with one part, the add-on will now correctly try to download the same part again and not skip to the next part.

Also a new feature is added, like the red message in AIMS telling you if there are changes or the new roster has been published, the add-on will now also gives you this information after logging on to AIMS. With this new feature you don't have to wait for the complete roster when there are no changes, but can simply cancel the download.

As always, report any problems with this new version on the forum so I can have a look at it.

easyJet add-on version 1.2.0211 (87.30 kB)
30 July 2010

This new add-on mainly solves the login problems for users on a europe account. This add-on was already available from the forum but with an old version number. This version also has a few minor updates. I tried to make the progressbar more realistic to the actual progress of the download.

easyJet add-on version 1.2.0082 (86.87 kB)
18 April 2010

New add-on to work with version 3.0.

easyJet add-on version 1.1.9405 (86.40 kB)
9 February 2010

This version solves a performance issue because Roster2Outlook was trying to download the roster but didn't succeed even with larger server time outs. Thanks to some usefull feedback, I found out the add-on keeps trying to reload the roster page, like pressing "refresh" continuously. Therefore, the roster was not loaded properly before Roster2Outlook started loading the page again and eventually gave up.

This version solves this problem, and only sends the request for the roster page once. It waits until the page is loaded or untill the server time out has been reached.

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