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Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9076 (209.98 kB)
16 March 2009

This bug release solves a few problems reported by users:

You can download version 2.2.9076 as a compressed file.

Changes since previous version:

  • Some airlines started using a different output for crew/hotac/code/memo information. Roster2Outlook is now able to export these details again.
  • Roster pattern creator produced an error when the last line of a pattern is part of a block. This is now solved.
  • Roster2Outlook can now process rosters with both block and duty times, only block or duty times, or no block/duty times.

Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9072 (209.46 kB)
13 March 2009

This bug release solves the problem of positioning duties not being read by Roster2Outlook.

You can download version 2.2.9072 as a compressed file.

Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9068 (209.42 kB)
11 March 2009

This is the first release of Roster2Outlook v2.2. The code of version 2.2 has changed a lot to make Roster2Outlook more airline independent. Roster2Outlook no longer uses the duty times displayed by some airlines on the roster to calculate the end times of your duty. This should fix the problem FlyBE users had recently and enables users of other airlines such as EuroFly to use Roster2Outlook.

This version also sees the implementation of a Roster Pattern Creator. This enables users with a fixed pattern (e.g. easyJet 5-3-5-4) to project their future duties and days off. An example of how to create your own roster pattern will be put in the news section initially and eventually in the documentation section.

You can download version 2.2.9068 as a compressed file.

Changes since previous version:

  • Code more airline independent
  • Roster Pattern Creator
  • Solved problem with different layout of HOTAC info for some airlines
Roster2Outlook version 2.1.9052 (198.91 kB)
21 February 2009

This version has only some minor changes based on the latest user feedback in the forum:

You can download version 2.1.9052 as a compressed file.

Changes since previous version:

  • Roster2Outlook now checks if the HTML-file is a proper AIMS roster before trying to read the roster
  • Added option to skip all day events (D/O, Rest, Leave, etc.)
Roster2Outlook version 2.1.9020 (197.42 kB)
19 January 2009

Some airlines use the aircraft type in the roster and this resulted in an error when your duty continues after midnight. There was also missing data in the description that is written to Outlook if your aircraft type was displayed. This version fixes those problems.

From this version it is also possible (for easyJet crew) to choose in what time format you want to download your roster (UTC, Local Station or Local Base) using the easyJet add-on. For this to work you need the easyJet add-on version 9020 or higher.

You can download version 2.1.9020 as a compressed file.

Changes since previous version:

  • Fixed problem caused by aircraft type in some airline rosters
  • Added option to choose time format to download roster (works with add-on only)
Roster2Outlook version 2.1.9019 (197.06 kB)
19 January 2009

This update fixes another (and hopefully the last) problem with the Null Reference error.

You can download version 2.1.9019 as a compressed file.

Changes since previous version:

  • bug fix for DBNull Reference error
Roster2Outlook version 2.1.9016 (197.06 kB)
16 January 2009

The changes made in version 9006 because of the changes in the AIMS style tags caused more problems. This problem was overseen because it only happens with smaller roster periods. If there are enough days in your roster the program finds another style tag and continues. However with shorter roster periods, the program doesn't hit the required style tag and adds an extra empty row to your roster. This caused the DBNull errors. This release is an attempt to fix this problem, however the program has many references to the roster database, so it might be possible that one or more references are still pointing to the wrong row in the roster database. Please report any errors in the forum.

You can download version 2.1.9016 as a compressed file.

Changes since previous version:

  • bug fix for DBNull Reference error
Roster2Outlook version 2.1.9012 (197.08 kB)
12 January 2009

This updates solves the problem with the Unhandled Null Reference Exception error reported by users.

You can download version 2.1.9012 as a compressed file.

Changes since previous version:

  • bug fix for Unhandled Null Reference error
Roster2Outlook version 2.1.9006 (197.08 kB)
6 December 2008

Every change can be a source for new bugs, and that's the reason for the second update today!

The first update (9005) was a minor update from version 2.1.8356. Some users reported problems exporting their roster. This was because of some changes in the way AIMS handles HTML styles. In this bug version this problem is resolved, now both style formats are supported. However version 8356 and 9005 were not able to read the roster days with changes and this resulted in an error when trying to export to Outlook. This is now fixed in version 9006.

You can download version 2.1.9006 as a compressed file.

Changes since previous version:

  • bug fix caused by HTML STYLE output AIMS
  • bug fix to read rosters with changes correctly
Roster2Outlook version 2.1.8356 (128.00 kB)
12 December 2008

You can download version 2.1.8356 as a compressed file.

This version is a minor update from version 2.1.8347. A few changes in the way AIMS writes the rosters to HTML caused some bugs in Roster2Outlook. This bug release fixes these problems. This is the only change between version 2.1.8347 and 8356.

Changes since previous version:

  • version 2.1.8356: bug fix caused by HTML output AIMS
  • changed update process
  • automatically download rosters with add-on (easyJet only)
  • Time shift to export your roster to any time-zone
  • minor bug fixes

Some users have reported problems with non-English versions of Outlook. It appears that there is a problem with the assignment of the categories. Since I only have an English version of Outlook, I have been unable to fix this bug.

In this version I have removed all references to categories when you export directly to Outlook. I hope this version will work on non-English versions. If you export to an ICS file, the categories are still there, so you can expect problems when trying to import an ICS file created with this version in a non-English version of Outlook.

All feedback of this version in non-English Outlook versions is more than welcome so I can try to fix this bug in a proper way.

Changes in this version:

  • removed categories when exporting directly to Outlook
  • no replacement of appointments possible, as this was done by category
Roster2Outlook version 2.0.8047 (629.83 kB)
8 February 2008

You can download version 2.0.8047 as a compressed file containing both the program and the help file.

Changes since previous version:

  • fixed problem with Crew Messages in rosters
  • fixed double airports in Summary (eg STN CPH CPH STN STN OVD OVD STN)
  • change in AIMS disabled code explanations for some airlines, fixed
  • changed bug in crewlist (CP> -> CP:) and added flight numbers to crewlist for multiple crews
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