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Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9231 (219.03 kB)
19 August 2009

This version creates ICS files that are also compatible with iCal, as well as Outlook, Google and Thunderbird. Windows is still required to run ROster2Outlook to create the ICS file.

An extra option is added to change the serve timeouts manually when downloading your roster with an add-on. The timeouts you choose are in addition to the time it normally takes to perform the steps in the download process. So if you select 5 seconds, Roster2Outlook will abort and try again when one of the steps involved in downloading your roster takes more than 5 seconds longer than normal.

Finally some minor reported bugs are fixed.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9184 (217.91 kB)
3 July 2009
This version enables users to work with AIMS outputs that are inconsistent with previous rosters. The outputs have (more) empty rows and data split over two rows in the HTML code. I've written some extra code that does more checks to validate the data before it tries to process this data.
Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9178 (217.76 kB)
27 June 2009
The main reason for this release was an error resulting in loss of sectors when exporting to Thunderbird/Google. Because each sector on a day had a identical IDs, Thunderbird/Google skipped all sectors after the first one. Each sector now has a unique ID and is imported in Thunderbird/Google/Outlook correctly.Also some duty end times were still erroneous, this has be fixed.Finally, this version allows you to set up a custom alarm for your duties. By default Roster2Outlook will not set an alarm, even if the default reminder for Outlook is set on. When you select "Set Reminder ... Minutes Before" Roster2Outlook will set a reminder for all duties except All Day Events. So you won't get an alarm for Days Off, but a reminder will be set for standby’s even if they start at 03:00 in the morning!If you have a change on your roster a reminder will also be generated (as before). Since an appointment can have only one reminder, you will only get a reminder for the change! If you dismiss this reminder, no reminder will be set at the interval you specified on the options page! But you can easily click "Open Item" in the reminder window and set the reminder to your desired interval. This is because I think it is more important to be notified of the change at this stage. Any feedback on this matter is welcome. in a future version there might be an option to turn the reminders for the changes on/off, so you have more flexibility to have it the way you want.

If you export to ICS and import this ICS file in Outlook, for some reason the reminders are not imported. But using the same ICS file for Thunderbird/Google will give you the reminders. So I suggest when you use Outlook to export directly to Outlook from Roster2Outlook and don't use the ICS file. I'll look if I can find a solution for this.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9177 (217.26 kB)
26 June 2009

In this version I made an attempt to copy all features available for exporting directly to Outlook also available when using an ICS file. Allthough I did my best to copy all the features, there might still be some unexpected results. I did do a few succefull tests, but more testing might be needed. Any feedback is welcome, and I'll try to correct any mistakes as quickly as possible.

The biggest change was to make export separate sectors using the ICS file available. A few other smaller items have been changed too.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9175 (216.80 kB)
23 June 2009

Changes in version 2.3.9175

Some reported bugs fixed:

  • When exporting separate sectors Roster2Outlook produced an error: "Conversion from string "HH:mm" to type 'Date' is not valid."
  • When creating an ICS file, standby duties were not properly closed and all subsequent duties where added to this duty, resulting in one duty on the standby day and no duties on the subsequent days.
  • An bug in the report/end of duty times resulted in wrong duty times on some occasions.
  • When creating an ICS file of two rosters (after downloading) the ICS file became corrupt because the BEGIN:VCALENDAR heading was wrongly inserted at the start of the second roster.
Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9158 (216.19 kB)
7 June 2009

This version solves another NullReferenceException problem when you run the program for the very first time.

Apologies to all new users that experienced this problem.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9152 (216.08 kB)
1 June 2009

This version has a new format for the output of the ICS files. This new version should be compatible with different calendars like Thunderbird, Google and iCal. I've successfully tested on Thunderbird and Google, but any feedback is appreciated! I was unable to test with iCal, so please let me know if you still have problems when importing the ICS files to iCal.

From this version the Outlook window won't be shown anymore when running in automatic mode.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9145 (215.94 kB)
26 May 2009

Bug release fixing another reported bug with the new date format.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9144 (215.98 kB)
24 May 2009

This version solves the NullReferenceException problem when you run the program for the very first time.

Also default reminders are no longer generated in Outlook for Roster2Outlook duty events, even if you have this option set in Outlook.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9135 (215.97 kB)
15 May 2009

This version solves a problem when you don't have any sectors on the last day and Roster2Outlook tries to get the next day.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9132 (215.65 kB)
12 May 2009

This is a bug release fixing an issue with the DBNull error.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9130 (215.70 kB)
10 May 2009

Bug release fixing issues with duties that continue past midnight. Also fixing a bug with the new date format.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9128 (215.54 kB)
8 May 2009

The main change in this version is how Roster2Outlook handles dates. Before it used the setting of your computer, which caused some problems if the short date format was set to the US short date format MM/dd/yy. From now, Roster2Outlook uses it's own format, independent of the settings on your computer.

Some new options have also been included: Show/Hide report times & Show roster(s) after download.

The first new option allows you to choose if you want the report and off duty times in Outlook, if your roster includes these times. This works for both complete duty days as for exporting to separate sectors.

The other new option allows you to show the roster(s) after download. When you use the download add-on, you can choose to display the roster after the download is finished.

Furthermore, a few bugs have been fixed and better debug facilities have been implemented.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9120 (213.22 kB)
29 April 2009
This version has some major changes requested by some users.

From version 2.3 it is now possible to export each sector as a separate appointment to Outlook. This option is not (yet) available for the ICS file.

This version also let you run the program automatically, without any click of a button (if you have a download add-on). This enables you to run the program at predefined times without any input from you using Windows Task Scheduler.

It also solves a reported bug: it was not possible to change some of the options anymore. The affected options were:

  • Replace Appointments Without Prompt
  • Replace Codes With Explanations
  • Include Memo's
  • Include Hotac Information

With this release you can now check/uncheck all options again.

For more information about the two new features, see the article about Version 2.3 in the latest news section

Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9116 (211.95 kB)
26 April 2009

More functionality in AIMS I wasn't aware of. I've been informed there are more codes available on the last line of your roster, and with previous versions Roser2Outlook didn't know how to handle thos codes and generated a DBNULL error. This has been solved in this version.

The description buffer of your duties wasn't cleared after writing the data to Outlook. This caused your previous duty description to appear on your Day Off. This has now been fixed.

Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9107 (211.57 kB)
17 April 2009

Besides adding empty lines in the HTML files, AIMS now also breaks some lines in two seperate lines for some reason. In addition to check if the line contains data, Roster2Outlook now also checks if the line has the required opening and closing tags. If this is not the case, it reads the next line and combines the two.

Thanks to user feedback I have discovered a new feature from AIMS and incorporated this in Roster2Outlook. For captains able to fly from both seats, AIMS can display when the captain is rostered to fly as an FO. Untill now, I was unaware of this feature and Roster2Outlook was not able to process this data. I have made a change to the software and now Roster2Outlook is able to read and understand this information and export correctly to Outlook.

Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9100 (210.98 kB)
10 April 2009

AIMS sometimes inserts empty lines in the HTML file you download. This is no problem for HTML as internet browsers simply ignore empty lines, but Roster2Outlook reads the file line by line, and didn't expect any empty lines untill now. This version checks if the line contains any data and else reads the next line.

Also the message displayed when you have changes in your roster was incorrect due to some changes I made earlier. I have updated the code to use the new structure and display the message correctly.

Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9080 (210.62 kB)
21 March 2009

The previous versions still displayed the Outlook security warning when a duty continues after midnight. This bug release solves this problem and Roster2Outlook no longer generates the security warning from Outlook for duties finishing after midnight.

Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9078 (210.61 kB)
18 March 2009

And yet another small bug release, just because it seems that every roster is different and I try to catch them al with one piece of code. Well actually two, one to export to the ICS file and one for exporting directly to Outlook. They are almost identical, but sometimes I forget to copy changes from one to the other Wink

So thanks to everybody sending in their rosters when Roster2Outook behaves unexpectedly. And keep sending them, so I can make Roster2Outlook even better!

You can download version 2.2.9078 as a compressed file.

Changes in this version:

  • Resolved problem when a non-flying duty finishes after mid-night
  • Minor changes to code to make export to ICS file and export to Outlook behave in a similar way
  • Changed labels for login details based on airline add-on
Roster2Outlook version 2.2.9077 (210.47 kB)
18 March 2009

This bug release no longer generates the security warning from Outlook:

"A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this? If this is unexpected, it may be a virus and you should choose 'No'"

This security warning was not genuine, as Roster2Outlook does in no way access your Outlook address book.

However it was annoying so I changed the code and this warning is no longer generated.

You can download version 2.2.9077 as a compressed file.

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