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Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1386 (840.13 kB)
21 January 2012

A new version of Roster2Outlook with the following fixes:

  • Roster2Outlook will show ifo about the events being exported
  • Added "P" indicator (PRE-ASSIGNMENT) to be recognised by Roster2Outlook
  • Fixed bug with separate sectors to ICS or Google
  • Added download support for flydubai (Download add-on)
  • Fixed bug with custom outlook folders
  • Changed how UTC times are exported to Google
  • Changed how Roster2Outlook recognises add-ons
  • Changed download and easyJet add-ons to display year and month correctly in saved rosters
  • Fixed bug where duties were combined in one big duty
Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1374 (838.12 kB)
9 January 2012

This version fixes the "Folder not found" or "Roster2Outlook stopped working" error in the previous build. If you still have problems, please contact me.

I'm still looking into the problem with Norton 360. If you experience this problem, please e-mail me and I'll send you some files to try to find out which part of the program is causing the problem.

UPDATE: The issues with Norton 360 seem to been resolved by this version too!

Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1355 (837.16 kB)
21 December 2011

A new version of Roster2Outlook.

There are some known issues with this version. One is a Norton 360 issue where Norton recognises Roster2Outlook as a harmful file. I can assure you this is not the case, but Norton will put this version in quarantine. Another problem is an error message from Roster2Outlook that the Debug folder cannot be accessed.

This version improves the international compatibilty of Roster2Outlook. AIMS uses the european date format dd/MM/yyyy and with more users from different countries, this date format sometimes gives problems. I've tried to fix this before, but there were still issues. I think (hope) this version will solve all problems with different date formats, but if you still have problems, send your roster and the error log to me, and I'll fix it.

This version also has e new feature: export directly to a Google Calendar. You can try this feature in dummy calendar before you try it in your own calendar if you want. Details about the dummy calendar are in the program.

A few other small bug fixes and improvements:

* changed download options wording for FlyBE
* multi-users with different add-ons now possible
* Added 5-4-5-3 button for easyJet pattern
* Fixed problem with multiple user settings
* Changed application data folder (this is where Roster2Outlook saves files)
* When AIMS displays two rosters on one page, only the last info blocks were used. This is now fixed
* Integration with Google Calendar, export directly to Google
* Fixed a bug with different layout for MEMOS in FlyBE rosters
* Removed Crew info when no crew displayed on roster, crew only displayed on first day of trips
* Updated update links to take you direct to the correct download page
* Option added to add start/end times in subject
* Changed how R2O assisgn UID to events to improve import to Google Calendar
* Fixed bug to display all day event after sectors from previous duty as new appointment
* memo's on multiple pages are now all displayed

Merry Christmas!

Roster2Outlook version 3.1.1308 (711.20 kB)
4 November 2011

In release 1305 the crew was not displayed on all days when selected in options. Build 1307 fixed this.

But build 1307 had another problem with date formats, resulting in no training details. Build 1308 fixes this problem and replaces build 1307.

Roster2Outlook version 3.1.1305 (711.18 kB)
1 November 2011

The main reason for this release is a problem when your computers date format is different than the date format used in AIMS (dd/mm/yyyy). When your computer is set to a different time format (for example US format mm/dd/yyyy) the dates from AIMS might not be recognised as valid dates.

I made a change so Roster2Outlook will now recognise the dates from AIMS whatever the date format of your computer. The dates displayed in Roster2Outlook will also follow the format set in your computer.

Other changes in this version:

* Added BusyStatus free to allday events
* Fixed bug when roster has no codes
* Fixed dateformat bug resulting in no Hotac information
* Fixed bug where sector starts after midnight but is displayed before first sector

Roster2Outlook version 3.1.1288 (710.78 kB)
13 October 2011

This latest version (build 1288) resolves the System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\...\Roster2Outlook\flybe.addon' or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515) error from the previous build. Nothing in the code has changed so the functionality is the same as 1286 as shown below. Build 1286 is no longer available.

This version is released today to address the problems that many users have with the new format of the AIMS roster. The new format doesn't look different when printing the roster, but internally something was changed what caused Roster2Outlook unable to read the roster. As not all airlines have adopted this new format yet, this version will be able to read both the old and new formats.

It is a long time since the previous release, and as you will see in this version there are a few more changes. Those changes have been made after user reports/requests and have been tested in the mean time.

The most important ones:

* Multi/user support: You will see the user name in the top right corner. Clicking on it will give you the option to add/delete/switch users. All settings will be remembered for each user.

* You can now select your airline in the download settings. This means after installing it for the first time and selecting your airline, you can start downloading right away and don´t have to read a roster manually first anymore.

* Download support for GulfAir (Download add-on)

* Improved layout to diaplay allert messages for changes/messages (add-ons)

* After downloading you can click on a button to open AIMS to confirm changes

And a few other bug fixes:

* Fixed a bug in getting hotel information.
* Prevents two or three times in a row to be exported.
* Fixed problem with Etihad Rest Days
* Fixed problem with separate sectors and description with ":" in it
* Training description with report times in it, will now be converted to selected time
* Fixed bug when AIMS uses 24:00 as time
* Fixed bug where code starts with number (and is seen as flightnumber)

Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0341 (707.24 kB)
7 December 2010

The previous fix for the 'December' problem could result in another error when your roster extends into next year because the start and end dates where compared as text. This means that "01/01/2011" is smaller than "01/12/2010", and Roster2Outlook thinks the end date (01/01/2011) is before the start date (01/12/2010).

The dates are now compared as dates and this problem should no longer exist.

I also changed the way the roster was diplayed after download, as sometimes the roster didn't show up when it should have.

Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0334 (707.53 kB)
30 November 2010

This version fixes a few bugs and adds a new feature:

  • When exporting to ICS and using a long filename/path for the ICS file, user might get an error that some text is too long and should be less than 64 characters. From this version you won't get this error message anymore.
  • When your roster shows more dates than in the title, and the extra day(s) are in the next year, Roster2Outlook couldn't get the year right before. This resulted in an error saying the end date couldn't be before the start date. This has now been fixed.
  • Roster2Outlook now displays the training codes from your roster in the title from the appointment.
Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0326 (707.15 kB)
22 November 2010

This version solves the latest problem with non-English Outlook versions when working with categories.

Please report any problems with this version on the forum.

Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0263 (706.41 kB)
20 September 2010

With this version you can now choose the Outlook folder you want to save your duties in. This can be useful if you have a special calendar for your duties or a separate calendar that synchronises with one of your other devices.

This version fixes a bug that could cause duplicate ("End duty") entries when exporting as separate sectors.

Another bug that has been fixed is one that prevented additional info from roster to be exported to an ICS file. After fixing it in the previous version when you export directly to Outlook, with this version your information will be exported to an ICS file too.

Finally, I changed the "Last download date" to a "Last export date", so you can always download from the last time you exported your roster, even if you downloaded rosters in between without exporting them (just to check if you had any changes for example).

Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0241 (699.11 kB)
29 August 2010

Some users reported that with the previous version the information below the roster (Other crew members, Codes, Hotel information) was not exported anymore. This version should fix this problem. I was unable to test for every airline, so when you still have problems (or didn't have them before, but do with this version) let me know.

When displaying Aircaft Types, the type was not reset and displayed for all sectors after the first non standard aircraft type even if the sectors where not in this aircraft type. This version should fix this.

Unconfirmed changes are now preceded with "***" to make them stand out more.

Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0213 (698.96 kB)
1 August 2010

Finally another new version. This version solves some problems reported by users over the last few weeks.

Some users of Greek airlines reported problems after their airline changed the date to be displayed in Greek text on the rosters. Roster2Outlook was unable to recognise this text as a date. This has now been fixed.

You can also display aircraft codes in Outlook (they have to be displayed on your roster). Normally a/c type are displayed in AIMS if it is not your 'default' aircraft (the first aircraft behind your name is the default one).

When exporting to ICS files, the unique ID each appointment gets is simplieifed. This allows for appointments to be replaced when a new roster is exported. However, it is not possible to replace more appointments than available in the new roster. So when you export as separate sectors and have a change from four to two sectors, the last two old sectors won't be replaced.

And some other fixes for problems with individual users.

As always, should you have any problems with this version, let me know. You can write a message on the forum or send me an e-mail.

Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0152 (696.82 kB)
1 June 2010

This version solves some problems reported by users over the last few weeks.

1. In some situations Roster2Outlook wouldn't proceed past 99% donwloading your roster.

Due to a new option in Roster2Outlook to save your roster locally after downloading your roster from eCrew, there were some situations where Roster2Outlook wasn't able to continue past 99% on the download. This was due to the fact that Roster2Outlook attempted to save your roster to a non existing folder. Roster2Outlook saves this folder when you first start Roster2Outlook. If you run Roster2Outlook for the first time from the zip file or from another folder you delete later, you will run into this problem. This version will check on startup if the folder exists to prevent this problem.

2. There were some sync issues with recurring patterns and Apples iPhone.

When syncing your iPhone with Outlook when you have recurring items (roster pattern), problems occur in your calendar on your iPhone. This was due to the fact that Roster2Outlook saves the roster pattern as daily recurring appointments. The iPhone seems unable to handle daily recurrences greater than 10 days. I've included an option in the new version to force Roster2Outlook to save the roster pattern as weekly recurrences. The iPhone doesn't seem to have problems with this. When your pattern is not a multiple of 7 days (1 week), selecting this option will result in more appointments. This is no problem, but if you don't need it, I suggest leaving this option off. This problem only seems to occur when syncing to an iPhone.

3. Some issues with Outlook Permissions resulted in a COM Exeption error.

Some users reported an error when trying to export to Outlook. This error ("Unable to create ActiveX component") is due to a permission problem in Outlook. I have been unable to solve this error, but this version will handle the exception better and will give you a more understandable error message. To resolve the problem, you'll need to close all instances of Outlook. For some reason unknown to me, Outlook sometimes remains active in the background when you close Outlook. This will result in multiple instances of Outlook and it seems that this will cause this error. So even when you have closed Outlook you still may encounter this error. The solution is to go to Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and remove all instances of Outlook. You can also try to restart your computer to remove all instances. I'll investigate further into this problem.

Please report any continuing problems on those issues with this new version (and any other problems) to me.

Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0134 (695.49 kB)
14 May 2010

This version has a few changes based on user requests. This version will also handle the download options for the new generic download add-on correctly (i.e. not asking for an AIMS pin).

New options:

  1. A new option has been added to enable users to precede any all day events with some text or a space. When preceded with a space or an other non-alphabetic character, those appointments will show in Outlook before any other appointment, as Outlook will sort appointments alphabetically.
  2. New option for commandline arguments. You can now automatically run Roster2Outlook with an ICS output, or specify the html input file.

The new commandline argument structure is as follows:

C:\>Roster2Outlook.exe [/a][/d] [input_file.htm] [output_file.ics]

  • [/a][/d] - commandline options. /a is for automatic download, /d or debug mode. Both those options can also be enabled from Roster2Outlook. If used together, make sure you don't include a space, i.e. use "/a/d".
  • [input_file.htm] - here you can specify the html input file. You have to use the full path to the file, except when the file is located in the Roster2Outlook folder. If the file name/path has spaces, you have to enclose the filename in quotes. The extension needs to be "htm" or "html". If you use this paramter, you also have to use the /a parameter. E.g. /a "C:\My Documents\roster.html".
  • [output_file.ics] - Here you can specify the output file name. This name has to have an "ics" extension and this needs to be the last argument. It is used together with [/a] or [/a] [input_file.htm]. Also when the filename/path has spaces you have to enclose with quotes.


C:\>Roster2Outlook.exe /a
Runs Roster2Outlook in automatic mode. Only works with a download add-on, as Roster2Outlook will attempt to download a roster automatically in this case and will export to Outlook. Afterwards Roster2Outlook quits.

C:\>Roster2Outlook.exe /a "c:\my documents\myroster.html"
Runs Roster2Outlook in automatic mode. Roster2Outlook will attempt to read the file myroster.html in the folder "c:\my documents". This roster will be exported to Outlook. Afterwards Roster2Outlook quits.

C:\>Roster2Outlook.exe /a myroster.html
Runs Roster2Outlook in automatic mode. Roster2Outlook will attempt to read the file myroster.html in the Roster2Outlook folder. This roster will be exported to Outlook. Afterwards Roster2Outlook quits.

C:\>Roster2Outlook.exe /a myroster.html myroster.ics
Runs Roster2Outlook in automatic mode. Roster2Outlook will attempt to read the file myroster.html in the Roster2Outlook folder. This roster will be exported to the ics file myroster.ics in the Roster2Outlook folder. Afterwards Roster2Outlook quits.

C:\>Roster2Outlook.exe /a myroster.ics
Runs Roster2Outlook in automatic mode. Only works with a download add-on, as Roster2Outlook will attempt to download a roster automatically in this case. This roster will be exported to the ics file myroster.ics in the Roster2Outlook folder. Afterwards Roster2Outlook quits.

Roster2Outlook version 3.0.0117 (694.73 kB)
27 April 2010

When using Roster2Outlook for the first time, the previous release of version 3.0 will not run and you'll get an error "Roster2Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close". This version fixes this issue.

When you used a previous version before, you'll not see this error. This only applies when Roster2Outlook (v3.0.0108) is run for the very first time on a computer.

Roster2Outlook version 3.0 (694.21 kB)
18 April 2010

A new version, a new layout. Version 3.0 has a new easy to use toolbar in line with the coming Mac version. Most settings are now combined on one page.

Another major change is that rosters in UTC can now automatically be converted to local times. You can still apply a time shift to the roster times.

You also have an option to choose from which date Roster2Outlook starts downloading, and save the rosters after downloading to a specified folder.

A few smaller changes are:

  • Only roster items will be deleted from Deleted Items folder (this solves the problem that Roster2Outlook won't finish)
  • All crew included if multiple crews are displayed on roster
  • Command line arguments are now replaced by some new settings
  • Option to export (multiple) roster(s) in one go (Quick export)

You need an add-on with version 1.2 or greater to work with this new version due to some changes in the way Roster2Outlook downloads your roster.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9420 (216.05 kB)
24 February 2010

One of the changes in the previous version to support new airlines results in errors for airlines already supported. Another change in the code in this new version should support both new and previously supported airlines.

Again, when you have any problems exporting your roster, send me your roster and I'll try ro fix it for you as soon as possible. One of those e-mails resulted in this new release.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9417 (215.92 kB)
21 February 2010

This version fixes some issues reported by users.

  • Bug fix to support All day events with Memos
  • Changed minimum time between duties from 10:00 to 9:55 hours for consecutive duties
  • Changed code to allow for flight longer than 9:55
  • Changed code to support more airlines

Allthough I've tested this version with rosters that previously gave an error and my own rosters, any change in the code may result in other problems. The code is getting more and more complex to try to cater for every possible roster. When you have problems with your roster, please e-mail it to me and I'll have a look what causes the problem and how to solve it.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9382 (215.59 kB)
17 January 2010

A new year, a new version. Not version 2.4 yet, as I reserve that for the first version that edits old calendar items. Now it still replaces the old ones. Hoewever, the program should now remove the old items from the Deleted Items folder in Outlook.

This version also solves quite a few bugs that were reported by users in the last few months:

  • works with rosters displayed over multiple pages
  • solved an issue with training code "M" (which was also used for for Memos)
  • ignores airline code (could also be used for other codes)
  • changed code to allow memo's to have style tags used by AIMS (instead of being seen as styl code)
  • single sector days are now displayed in subject and body
  • changed roster pattern creator (works now with any pattern)
  • removes old pattern when new roster pattern is created
  • reads crewmembers on multiple lines
  • read rosters in lower and upper case
  • changed the minumum rest period to less than 10 hours, for airlines who use 10 hours between standby's

Keep giving me feedback and send me an e-mail or post on the forum if Roster2Outlook isn't working the way you expect it to.

Roster2Outlook version 2.3.9274 (219.14 kB)
1 October 2009

This version enables users with rosters displayed on two pages (too many sectors for one roster page) to export this roster.

The new FlyBE roster displays the airline code (BE) on the roster for each sector and this appeared multiple times in the duty details. This code is now ignored by Roster2Outlook.

Some users reported errors when trying to export their roster. This version solves those problems.

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