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Small update to keep R2O working for easyJet crew with PingID.

When you download your roster in R2O, a window will popup to enter the one-time passcode from PingID.

Now that HTML rosters are available again for easyJet crew, the last version of Roster2Outlook (build 8267) should be working again. However, it was not ignoring All Day Events when you selected this option. This is fixed in this little update.
Little update to fix the problem that easyJet rosters couldn't be downloaded anymore.

Crude (second) attempt to get it working again. I got this working for easyJet at the moment.

On 2nd December I changed the code a little, and I think it will work now. Let me know!

Please download the version for your airline!

After almost 2 years, finally a new version of Roster2Outlook!

Eventually I did find a way to make changes to the code again. I had to go back a few versions, so maybe not all features are included, time should tell.

This version will only read rosters in the NEW AIMS FORMAT and export ONLY TO OUTLOOK AND ICS file!

Please report anything that doesn't work properly, as I'm able to make changes again to the code. If they are small problems, it shouldn't take too much time to find a solution for it.

I realised that I hard coded the code from the easyJet download add-on in the initial release of version 4.1.7157. So even if you had another add-on in the folder, it still tried to login to easyJet. I tried to remove this, but that resulted in several other problems. For the time being I released two other versions with the other add-on code hard coded. Even though the code for downloading is in the main program, you still need an add-on file in the folder because Roster2Outlook looks for it. I'll see if I can make one single version with or without the use of add-ons, but for now this should work.

Roster2Outlook version 4.0.1 (79.50 kB)
22 December 2016

This tool (I call it v4, but it is NOT a full version of Roster2Outlook (yet?!)) will export rosters in the new AIMS format downloaded with an older version of Roster2Outlook.

For the moment it will only export to Outlook. Once it is confirmed that this works, I'll add functionality to export to the other export options from Roster2Outlook.

The file will use the settings from the old Roster2Outlook version, you can't change any settings in this tool, if you want to change any settings, you'll have to do this in the old Roster2Outlook program. But it will update the Last Export Date, so Roster2outlook will start downloading from the date you last used this tool next time you start it.

You have to quit Roster2Outlook before you start this tool, but if you forget you'll be reminded and the tool will close.

You might get a warning that this file is not safe, as it is an EXE file and not a ZIP file as the older versions. However, it will do no harm and only export the rosters in the Roster2Outlook folder to Outlook.

Roster2Outlook version 3.4.5227 (3.80 MB)
15 August 2015

Back to basic

Since Google stopped support of the API's used by Roster2Outlook to export to Google, I've been trying to find a solution that would work for everyone, but unfortunately the beta released on this website only works for some people and not for all. The beta can only download for easyJet crew.

Combined with the limited amount of time I have to work on Roster2Outlook, I've decide to go back to the basic principle of Roster2Outlook and release a version that only exports to Outlook (or an ICS file).

When time permits I'll try to improve this version with new features, but for now I just hope there is enough time to keep this one working.

I've also released a new version of the easyJet add-on to work with this version. The first thing I'd like to do next is make sure the other add-ons will work with this add-on. So please let me know when this is (not) the case.

Roster2Outlook v3.4 (Beta) (7.65 MB)
22 November 2014

Can only download easyJet rosters

Latest MSI (6 December) should fix the crashing of Roster2Outlook AND is able to export to Google again.

This version will also include the other crew names in Google which was also lost in the previous attempt. It will still only download easyJet rosters, as only the code from the easyJet add-on has been included. When it has been confirmed that this is working, I'll include the code for other airlines in there too.

I advice to remove any previously installed version of Roster2Outlook (ONLY if you already installed with an MSI) via the add/remove programs option in Windows and then do a fresh install with this MSI. Leave the old EXE from version 3.3 or else the program might crash (working on a fix for this)!

Because the connection to Google is different, appointments exported with the older version will not be replaced by this version. Appointments exported to Google by this version will be replaced in the same way as before when exporting a new roster with this version.

Please report any irregularities so I can see if I can fix it

New MSI, should fix the crashing of Roster2Outlook with the easyJet add-on. Will only work to download easyJet rosters. Still has problems when trying to export to Google

#update 08/12/14: english MSI

This is a beta release to fix the problem with Google.

I've replaced the previous zip file with an msi installation package. When you run this MSI file, Roster2Outlook will be 'installed' to your computer. Hopefully this will eliminate the problem that Roster2Outlook is classified as unsafe by Windows.

Why this update?

In the previous versions you entered your Google login credentials in Roster2Outlook and Roster2Outlook entered the duties in your calendar using those credentials.

In the new version, you authorise Roster2Outlook to enter the duties in your calendar. The authorisation happens outside Roster2Outlook, so there is no need to enter your credentials anywhere in Roster2Outlook.

When you start an export to Google, Roster2Outook checks if you have given this authorisation with Google. If you didn't do this before, a webpage pops up that directs you to the Google page to give consent to Roster2Outlook (you might have to log in to your Google account first).

After you have authorised Rster2Outlook to manage your calendar, you will be directed to a webpage that doesn't exist. You can ignore this for now and close the webpage. As soon as you give consent, Roster2Outlook will export your duties.

Google sets a quota for Roster2Outlook to the amount of requests Roster2Outlook may send to Google. I still have to see if the quota is sufficient.

This version is a zip file with many files. Extract all files to the same folder and run Roster2Outlook.exe, I'm still working on a final version that will include all required files.

Please report any irregularities back to me.

Roster2Outlook version 3.3.4112 (3.82 MB)
21 April 2014

Finally a new version that addresses most problems recently reported to me.

Major changes are:

  • Sometimes Roster2Outlook lost your settings. This was probably caused by multiple instances of Roster2Outlook running at the same time. This version can only run one instance. If a second instance is started, it will go to the one already open instead.
  • Rosters in Local Base/Local Station no longer showed additional information like crew, Hotac, training. This is fixed in this version.
  • When Roster2Outlook found changes on your roster and after exporting those changes to Outlook, Roster2Outlook used to set an immediate reminder for those duties to notify you of the changes. In this version the standard reminder will be applied to the duties with changes and a separate Outlook item with an immediate reminder will be created notifying you of the changes.
  • Duties that extended in the next day where no longer correctly exported to an ICS file. This is fixed in this version.
  • Fix to keep dead heading sectors within Trips
  • Fix to reset OpenAIMS variable
  • Added INI file support for multiple users
  • Improved performance when replacing appointments in Outlook
  • Fixed bug for possible different roster styles in AIMS
  • Fixed bug when roster displays multiple address line or different lines for user

If you experience any problems with this version, let me know, and I'll try to fix it for you!

Roster2Outlook version 3.3.3362 (3.69 MB)
28 December 2013

This version addresses a few problems several users reported. The main problem is probably a change in AIMS that puts some details of the rosters in a different order with the result that Roster2Outlook was no longer able to read the roster. This should now be fixed.

Other changes include:

  • Fix to keep dead heading sectors within Trips
  • Fix to reset OpenAIMS variable
  • Added INI file support for multiple users
  • Improved performance when replacing appointments in Outlook

If you experience problems with this version, please let me know so I can try to fix it.

Roster2Outlook version 3.3.3296 (3.68 MB)
23 October 2013

This version addresses some problems when exporting your duties as separate sectors reported by users. If you had problems with the previous version, this version will most likely fix them. If you still have problems with this version, let me know (if you send me your roster, I can try to fix it for you).

I also added an option to include an e-mail address in the command line arguments. If used with the "/d" argument, you can now add your e-mail address as the last argument and you won't be asked to enter you e-mail address anymore when running in Debug mode. The debug files will automatically be send to the e-mail address specified. If you have also added the "/s" (silent) argument, you won't get a confirmation that the e-mail was sent successfully.

Roster2Outlook version 3.3.3280 (3.68 MB)
6 October 2013

It was about time for a new version! Although the previous version was pretty stable and didn't cause (m)any problems.

So what's new in this version? Why is the file so much bigger?

The two new features in this version are the option to export as trips, and the option to tell Roster2Outlook to ignore some duties when setting reminders.

Export as trips - If you do long haul trips and are away for a few days each trip, you can now export this trip as one entry in your calendar.

Reminder exceptions - You can tell Roster2Outlook which duties it should ignore when setting reminders, so you can choose for example to not have reminders for certain standby duties, or office duties.

This version will also gather some statistical information on how Roster2Outlook is used. This information will be stored safely and without identifying you and is only used internally.

As always, if you have any problems with this version, let me know on the forum, by e-mail or on facebook.

Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1596 (855.53 kB)
17 August 2012
The last version did not write the "End duty" entry to Outlook when exporting as separate sectors. This version fixes that problem.
Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1578 (855.49 kB)
9 August 2012

This version fixes a few problems with exporting to CSV file.

Changes include fixing problems with duty date, missing duties when landing after midnight, incorrect crewnames.

Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1564 (855.31 kB)
17 July 2012

This version of Roster2Outlook fixes the download problems for Horizon Air users.

It also adds a new option to keep previously saved rosters when downloading a new roster to keep track of any changes.

The default setting when saving rosters after download is to save the rosters with a name including the year and month of the roster, e.g. "Roster 2012-07,htm". If you download another roster in the same month and save it, the same name will be used and the old roster is replaced with the new one on your PC.

With the new option, you can select to keep the previously saved rosters. This option uses a different format for the name, so each roster gets a different name, and all older roster are kept on your PC. The format for this option is "Roster 20120701-31 (20120717 12.45).htm"

Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1537 (855.91 kB)
23 June 2012

This version of Roster2Outlook adds download support for Horizon Air users and has a new export function: Export to CSV.

The export to CSV file is still a bit of an experiment to export flight sectors to a Comma Separated Value file that can be used to import those sectors in a logbook program. At the moment the following fields are exported:

Duty Date, Duty Start Time, Duty End Time, Departure Time, Arrival Time, Departure Airport, Arrival Airport, Pilot1, Pilot2, Flight Number.

When using the CSV export, users can add custom constant fields. Those fields have a constant value and will be exported to each sector as Custom1, Custom2, etc. Values of those fields depend on the logbook you want to import to, but examples could be Airline Name, Aircraft Type, your own name (or Self).

This function has only been tested for very few rosters at the moment, so if you like the idea, but you run in to problems with this function, let me know. Also let me know any suggestions to improve this function!

Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1515 (846.67 kB)
28 May 2012

This version fixes a few problems that occurred to some users:

  • Changed how times are sent to Google when using timeshift
  • Changed FlyBE login method (also download new add-on)
  • Fixed problem that changes where no longer notified when exporting
  • Fixed problem with "date" as code (eg. SEP3)
Roster2Outlook version 3.2.1471 (846.26 kB)
15 April 2012

A new version of Roster2Outlook with some improvements and additions.

This version resolves the following bugs

  • Fix for easyJet europe\username accounts
  • Fix for unconfirmed change message when there is no change
  • Fix for rosters with BREAK
  • Fix for long standby's going past midnight
  • Fix for add-on not for your airline message for AB group users
  • Download from Custom date now ignores any previous rosters not yet saved

This version also adds download support for DHL Air

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